Top Five Influencing Books from Russian Writers

The Russian literature has always been at the top while it gained much flowering position during the late 1800s and early ages of 1900 century. The Russian Writers were able to give high class and everlasting poetry, prose and dramas with great creativity. The best part of the Russian Writers is that they presented things in very creative manner and coherent enough to grab attention of its readers. The fact, World Wars, could not affect the popularity of the Russian literature and they kept on giving high class reading material to its readers. Here we have the list of top five books of Russian Writers which are going to make you mad about the Russian Writers and you would wish to have more books from these writers to read;

“A Hero of Our Time, (1840)”:

This novel is given by the Lermontov who has described his own complex personality and state of mind (thinking) which he is unable to sustain. The original book was written in Russian but translated later by Vladimir. You will be amazed with the critical ideas about the author he used in this book.

“Dead Souls, (1842)”:

This wonder novel has been given by the Nikolay Gogol, who is considered amongst the best Russian Writers of all the times. It discusses about his tricks to sale his “Dead Souls” or the “Dead Serfs” who are actually alive up-till the next Russian population consensus. This novel is still being used by the modern students and critics to describe the evils of the 1900 century.

“Oblomov, (1859)”:

The Goncharov has tried to raise some common social factors which are the major issues of the modern age in many societies. The novel is about the romantic part of our life and also includes the serious and thought provoking facts of life. The Oblomov is considered to be amongst the best creations of the Russian Writers.

“Fathers and Sons, (1862)”:

It is a common story of the modern age what the writer, Ivan Turgenev, has tried to give during the mid-1800 century. Many other Russian Writers have also descried the same pit of the youth but this writer has made all the wonders with his pen. He has tried to influence the youth about their present age and future when they will become a father by themselves. The book is about the sufferings which a father faces from his own sons.

“What is to be Done?, (1863)”:

This wonderful novel was written by the NikolayChernychevsky while he was in the prison in jail during the year 1863. The writer tells the story of a female (Vera Pavlovna) who is very typical and lives in an outer world (mental imagination). She does not feel any dependency and feel she is free from any oppression. The novel may be called the initial literature to describe a woman’s thinking about the equal rights and equal world as it is for the men. The novel is written in so much creative manner and critically describes the thinking of each character. It is really going to grab your attention.