Russian Writers

Image of the Russian Writers

The Russian Writers are best known for their world class novels and literature. Despite the fact that this country faced many war crises like the damage in the two world wars and inside crises of the Soviet Union establishment on separate basis from Russia, the Russian Writers never gave up in presenting their best writing literature master piece. They are well known for their best novels, stories and human life perspectives like the “Lolita” in 1955, “The Stories of Anton Checkhov” during late 1800s and early 1900s, “War and Peace” by the Leo in 1869, etc.

The work by the Russian writers may be categorized into the following headings;

Romantic Work:

The Russian literature is full from the adult world related writings and romance with an excellent expressive manner. The love affair written by the “Anna Karenina” is at the top of the list he provided in the 1877. The novel describes the love erotic encounter at the Anna’s separation from the society. The story revolves around the love story of Anna and her faith on God. In another marvelous novel, “Lolita” in (1955), the writer Vladimir Nabokov has also tried to describe a love story of an old man who is in love with a girl who is merely 12 years old. This novel is also about the deep love and romance. Many other examples are also available at mass level for the readers like the “The Master of the Margarita” in 1955.

Work on Criminology:

The Russian is considered among the worst war hit countries and suffered severe damages during the two world wars. However, the writer from Russia never gave up and presented their master piece in all the times. The stories on wars and crimes are another important genre of the Russian Writers. The wonderfully written “Crime and Punishment” by the Fyodor Dostoevsky in 1866 is one of the best examples. He not only desceibes the criminal psychology of the criminals but reasons why they are suffered and causes of their madness about the societies. The novel may bring interest of the war and punishment study of any reader. Another novel from the same writer in 1880, “The Brothers Karamazov” revolves around the same theme where a father and his three sons are killed.

Work on Humanity and Poetry:

Many Russian writers have given wonderful piece of poetry in all genres like the romance, life, madness, tricks and much more. The “Pale Fire” by the Vladimir Nabokov during year 1962 may be considered among the best shaped novels. However, many other writer like the Grigory Adamov, Alexander Afanasyev, David Aizman, Anna Akmatova, Sergey Aksakov, Vasily, Pushkin, etc have given a wonder work in the field of poetry and critics.

Work on Life and Reality Facts:

The Russian Writers like the Gorky has described on the Russian people who are just upset in the routine Russian life and want to live life in a new way like in his novel “Mother” during the year 1906. He has talked about the human psychology, wishes and sacrifices.