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Most Influential Russian Women Writers

Russia is the cradle that rocked the career of amazing writers throughout the literary history of the world. Some of the best-known best-sellers in the world came from that country during all eras, government types and economical models. What happened after the Soviet Union was dissolved was that some of the great female talents that weren´t heard by the editors and publishers during the Soviet years are now coming to the light. Russian culture is strong, rich and is full of talent; read on and meet the best Russian writers you should start reading today.

Pure Taboo

Pure Taboo LogoPure Taboo has been the most recent inspiration to all the writers below. Sexuality is an important aspect of life in our society and exploring dark fantasies of people can have its perks. This series dig deeply into the most intimate, shocking and embarrassing experiences that some people would love to live. Are you ready to see some visuals? They are available in free version of the website here.

Maria Stepanova

The oldest of this young pack, Maria Stepanova was born in 1972. She is a cutting-edge business woman, cultural referent and one of Russian finest living poets. Her recent prose work is called “Post-Memory” and tells the story of a family that made it through the 20th century (which is a lot).

Sana Krasikov

This young Ukrainian author was born in 1980 and soon after her 8th birthday moved out from her homeland in Georgia to the US. She graduated from Cornell University as well as the Iowa Writer´s Workshop and is published frequently by The New Yorker. Her novels speak of emigration and the early years in Russia and Ukraine with the insights and passion that only someone with a sharp pen and memory can do it. Her latest piece “Ways & Means” can be found in The New Yorker.

Guzel Yakhina

Guzel Yakhina was born in 1977 and is a film-school graduate. Her most recommended work is “Zuleika opens her eyes” which tells the fictionalized story of her grandmother as she was sent to Siberia as a part of the dekulakization in the 1930s. the book was translated to over 30 languages and won several awards.

Yevgenia Nekrasova

This very young screenwriter was born in 1985 just outside Moscow was best known by her prose cycle under the name of “Unhappy Moscow”. She was awarded with a Lycee Prize for it but her career was about to take an unexpected leap with the release of her novel “Kalechina-Malechina”; a fictional piece that involves parts of the reality in a well-up family in Moscow with some characters that come out of fiction and everything is witnessed and told by a little girl.

Anna Kozlova

Writing a book about a woman with schizophrenia in first person is one of the hardest tasks you can think of; still, Anna Kozlova (1981) won the National Bestseller Prize with “F20” in 2017. She is one of Russia´s most read novelists and also a ground-breaking screenwriter who gave life to some of the most acclaimed TV series in Russia “Short course for a happy life” and “Ring Road”. She is the author of six novels and is nowhere near stopping her frantic rhythm.


These are the most influential Russian writers of the moment. Covering these names, you might just get the idea what this generation is after and dig deeper in it if you find it attractive.