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Famous Russian Writer You Must Read

When it comes to literature, Russia is known to be having some of the greatest writers in history and in the current times. During the Golden age, certain people like Alexander Pushkin came up with the Russian literary language which was commonly referred to as the Russian Shakespeare. As time changed, the Golden age was transformed and genre began to be popular from short fiction stories, novels to poetry. The work of most the greatest Russian writers varies from religion, romance, satire and politics. On that note, let’s look at a list of some of the most influential Russian writers.

It’s Russian writers who introduced taboo aspects into literature.

How that would be possible you can ask. Well, if you followed Russian history, a lot of writers were really kinky when it comes to their personal lives. Things that kept them going were often silently put into their prose, so this is why some of their stories are simply unbelievable to read. Examples? Take the new production of adult series called Perv Mom. You could say it’s yet another website, but if you take a closer look you will notice it’s all about sexual relations inside family, where mothers take the main spot of the action. They seduce, trick and simply have sex with step-family members.

Now guess what, this kind of taboo appeared a couple of times in prose of Russian writers!

  • Alexander Pushkin

Alexander Solzhenitsyn
Alexander Solzhenitsyn

One of the most famous Russian book author that launched the literary poetry during the Golden age of poetry. Importantly, the writer not only known in Russia but across the world for his excellent writing works. Pushkin basically introduced the genre of novels and romantic poetry. He started being famous in Russia at his teenage when he published his first poem. One of his major and greatest work is his novel, Eugene Ongene. As a romantic expert writer Pushkin died a heroic death after succumbing to wounds while fighting with George-Charles who made efforts of seducing his wife.

  • Alexander Solzhenitsyn

He is generally famously known Russian writer, novelist and dramatist. The writer essentially became popular while using his works to create awareness about Soviet Union government agency by the name Gulag. The union primarily offered labor camps. Some of his greatest contributions in as much as his works are concerned include “One day in the life of Ivan Denisovich” and ”The Gulag Archipelago’.

  • Vladimir Nabokov

One influential entomologist and novelist who is generally regarded as Russian-American. This is mainly because his first nine novels were written in Russian before he then started writing in English. His novels were appreciated and very popular worldwide. One of the most popular works of Vladimir Nabokov is his Novel “Lolita” which he had written in both English and Russian. The novel was highly recognized and valued worldwide until it attained a status of classic. Importantly, Vladimir has won seven times the national book award for fiction because of his great works.

  • Mikhail Bulgakov

Mikhail Bulgakov
Mikhail Bulgakov

Bulgakov was a playwright, physician and importantly a writer who dominated in the early twentieth century. Mikhail was famous known for his controversial writings in his time and was primarily known to be writing about satire on the society in Soviet Union. Despite the fact that Bulgakov obtained his academic qualifications in medicine, his predisposition in literature made him to concentrate more in writing novels. His most notable work with to his writings was his book “The Master and Margarita”

  • Ivan Bunin

One of the greatest and reckoned all-time Russian writer. Ivan Bunin was actually the first Russian writer to win a Nobel Prize in literature. Some of is areas of specialization in as much writing is concerned include classical traditions, artistry, poetry and realism. Despite the fact that he could not receive the best education due to the status of his family, he was able to rise to the top. Some of his most notable works are “Dry Calley” and “The Village”.

When talking about the most influential Russian writers it’s now crystal-clear that you won’t miss the names of the above. The above-discussed guys are the ones who have raised the flag of Russia higher with regard to literature and importantly empowered many with their works. We think taking some of your time to go through all the great works that have been done by the writers will equip you with sufficient knowledge and crucially elevate you to a different level.