5 works of Russian Authors

Russian is famous as a home of proficient authors with some of the world’s best-selling novels published in the region. A significant number of books by Russian Authors havemanaged to secure various prizes across the globe. Below are the five works of Russian Authors you should look out for;


“We” is the work of Yevgeny Zamyatin completed in the year 1921. The novel delves into the state of conformity and harmony portrayed by a united totalitarian state. The book features a chief engineer named D-503 who is obligated to take responsibility for a project intended to build a spaceship integral to invadeextraterrestrial planets. D-503 is given a room to live in by the government in a glass apartment. However, he is denied the right to privacy as the secret police regularly watches his entire moves. D-503 has a lover, O-90, who gets assigned the duty of paying him a visit on certain nights. On the other hand, O-90 has a lover named R-13 who is D-503 best friend and works as a state poet. D-503 indulges in an illegal act by flirting with I-330 whom he meets while out for an assigned walk with his lover, O-90. D-503 tries to get over the attraction he has for I-330 and begins to face many challenges.

The Gentleman from San Francisco-1922

The Gentleman is one of the best works of Ivan Buninwritten and published in 1915. It is a short story that talks about an American Businessman who travels to Europe together with his family on holiday tour. Unfortunately, he dies while in Europe and is ferried back home on the ship he had used to travel to Europe.

Dr. Zhivago-1957

Dr. Zhivago is the work of a prolific Russian Writer called Boris Pasternak. The story revolves around the main character, YuryZhivago, who is an orphan but works hard to become a doctor. Besides his career, he has the passion of writing poems. The novel gets more captivating when revolution unfolds. The protagonist in this book becomes a downright opponent of the Soviet Communism. This sounds hilarious since he previously admired Tolstoy. This Russian Work has garnered considerable attention from all over the globe.

The Master and Margarita-1966

The Master and Margarita is the work of Mikhail Bulgakov published in 1967. The novel features two settings; Moscow and Jerusalem of Pontius Pilate. In the first setting, the Satan appears in the likeness of “Professor” Woland who is a mysterious magician. In the second setting, Pontius Pilate tries Yeshua Ha-Notsri which leads to the execution of Yeshua.

Omon Ra (1992)

Omon Ra is the work of Victor Pelevin and is categorized as a short story novel. The book was published in 1992. The story revolves around the ridiculous destiny of Omon. The protagonist is the son of a Russian Policeman. His situation places him in recognizable and fantastic circumstances. Reported in first the person, OmonKrivomazov traces his life all the way from his childhood. He discovers himself and has to free himself from the demands of his society and the confinements posed by the state.